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Clear Derm: Apply effective fruit acid peeling at home

Sunday October 16th, 2016
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Clear Derm: Apply effective fruit acid peeling at home

A fruit acid peel is, in my opinion, the most effective weapon against just about any type of flaw that can be found in the face area. Whether pimples, blackheads, large pores, first wrinkles, pimples or pale complexion. A professional fruit acid peeling can help against just about anything. Where high-priced creams from the pharmacy, drugstore or perfumery only reach the uppermost layers of the skin, the fruit acid makes it possible to get into the deeper layers of the skin and to work properly there. As the name suggests, the product is an acid. It means: be careful when using the application! Since I have treated myself to the dermatologist more often such a treatment and actually knows how to perform this, I wanted to try this alone at home. After a detailed search on the Internet, I came across the professional fruit acid peeling by Clear Derm for use in your own home. But first for the exact explanation of the fruit acid.

What is a fruit acid and why is it so effective?

A fruit acid, as the name suggests, is an acid found in many different types of fruit. In order not to elaborate on the topic, I will go straight to the most effective acidity among fruit acids: Gycolic acid (hydroxyacetic acid, also known as AHA)! This is so effective because it contains very small molecules and can penetrate very well and deeply into the skin. If you look at the lactic acid, it has larger molecules. Thus, this acid can not penetrate so well and deeply. However, since you want to achieve very good results with a facial treatment, usually the Gycolic acid is used because it effectively stimulates the collagen formation in depth, removes dead skin cells and renews the entire upper skin, as it is easily etched away or removed (this Description sounds worse than it really is).

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Photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash

Clear Derm fruit acid peeling

The special thing about the Clear Derm fruit acid peeling is the ease of use in your own home. The set or my chosen set includes:

  • One vial with a 70% concentration of fruit acid
  • One vial of distilled water to create a new mixing ratio
  • A spray bottle with a neutralizer that immediately neutralizes the effect of the fruit acid
  • A pipette for the preparation of a new mixing ratio
  • A brush for applying to the skin
  • A small box for storing the new solution
  • An enclosed booklet with the exact explanation, tips, etc.

How do I proceed?

People who have not had any contact with fruit acid products should ALWAYS very slowly approach and get used to the skin to the acid. For this I would personally recommend a cleaning foam of Dermasence, as it contains a low concentration of fruit acid and salycilic acid, the skin is a little accustomed to the fruit acid in the daily cleaning and additionally cleaned effectively. In general, I would recommend using the fruit acid treatment in the evening, as the skin has enough time overnight to soothe and may make you look slightly red in the face after the treatment (depending on how high the concentration was).

If you want to start with the professional fruit acid treatment at home, you should start with a low concentration (2.5% or 5%). As already mentioned, the product is an acid. Therefore, a slow and thoughtful beginning should be chosen so as not to injure the skin and achieve optimal results. If you want to mix a desired concentration, then you can easily follow the instructions in the enclosed booklet. A concentration of, for example, 8% is mixed as follows: 6 drops of fruit acid, 46 drops of distilled water.

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The application of Clear Derm fruit acid peeling

  • First, clean your face to remove it from all fats
  • To the delicate eye area and lip area best apply a little petroleum jelly or cream, because there the fruit acid so after all should not work
  • Carefully apply the ready-mixed fruit acid with the brush to your face. The rule is: less is more! It does not matter how full your brush is. The fruit acid peeling even works effectively when there is very little on the brush. Please take less, as the fruit acid peeling is very fluid and should not come into the eyes or the mucous membranes! You may also be helped by a good friend in the application.
  • Leave the fruit acid for a maximum of 5 minutes. That you feel burning, tingling is absolutely normal. It is important to observe your skin! If your skin becomes very red in some places, it should be neutralized earlier in these areas with the neutralizer. Burns the skin very strong, so neutralize. Just listen to your skin and react accordingly, then nothing should go wrong.
  • After the Clear Derm fruit acid has worked, you should use a cotton pad and neutralizer to wipe over your face thoroughly. You will immediately notice that the fruit acid stops working.
    Depending on how quickly your skin regenerates, the fruit acid treatment should be repeated approximately every 4 – 5 weeks and the concentration slowly increased.

What should be considered?

After a fruit acid treatment, the sun should be avoided in any case! Also, a moisturizer without dyes, fragrances, etc. should be used as the skin could then be sensitive. A sunscreen should be applied to protect the skin from the sun. The skin should be moisturised and cared for after application to optimize regeneration!

Right after the application

After applying the Clear Derm fruit acid peeling your skin is extremely receptive! It is therefore recommended that you apply a relaxing mask on your face. Maybe one with phantenol, chamomile, aloe vera, etc. to relax your skin. If your skin is burning, you can soothe it with a damp cold rag first.

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The days and weeks after Clear Derm fruit acid treatment

In the days and weeks after the treatment, it should be noted that the skin will regenerate. This means that the upper layer of the skin will most likely dissolve and leave in the form of small scales. Of course, this is absolutely normal and is almost invisible in most cases, depending on how your skin condition is. If your skin has completely regenerated after a few weeks, you should see a fresh skin with a radiant and better complexion. It should also be noted that after the treatment, acne can first appear, as the skin naturally responds to the treatment. After a few weeks, however, this aggravation should calm down again! It is definitely recommended to take care of the skin after the treatment intensively in the form of moisture (fat-free lotion) and vitamins, so that it regenerates as best as possible.

The result of a regular application

  • Cleaner complexion
  • Refined pores
  • Decline of pimples and blackheads
  • Wrinkles are filled up (excitation of the collagen)
  • Reduction of pimples (as skin renewal and stimulation of collagen)
  • Sebum production is reduced = less shine

*Post image-> Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash



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