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Good Hotel London

Saturday May 19th, 2018
Good Hotel London
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Good Hotel London

Last weekend I spent a few days in London. I had some business appointments and used them to spend some nice days i London. I stayed at the Good Hotel. A Design hotel floating on the Thames or at Gallions Point Marina. What I think of the Hotel and if I would recommend it further you will find out in this post.


I booked the Good Hotel at Secret Escapes . A travel club that offers especially low-priced offers in the area of ​​luxury and design hotels. If one observes the offers of Secret Escapes, one will certainly find it often and can look forward to special and extraordinary bargains, which often deviate from the normal standard in a positive sense.

Good Hotel London Design Hotel

The location

The Good Hotel is located in East London right on / at Gallions Point Marina. What particularly impressed me was that the hotel was right next to a gondola station of the “Emirates Royal Docks“, where gondolas moved across the river all day long. I found this very impressive. Unfortunately, I did not have time to cross the river with a gondola. Just opposite the hotel was a Tesco supermarket where you could supply from Monday to Sunday until 11 pm.

Good Hotel London Location

The Good Hotel

If you are in front of the hotel for the first time, you realize very quickly that this is a design hotel. At each corner you will find the modern industrial look again. The hotel was decorated with great attention to detail. In my opinion, the Good Hotel is more geared to typical city travelers who travel all day and do not care about luxury and comfort. For families I would honestly rather recommend a different hotel.

What I really liked in the morning at breakfast, was the first good breakfast buffet which left almost nothing to be desired and the view of the Thames. As I enjoyed my coffee in the morning, I watched morning athletes swimming a few laps in the cold Thames.

The staff was mostly young and very friendly as well as helpful.

The rooms

As the hotel used to be a boat, I think everyone knows that the rooms are similar in size to a typical cabin. Since I was in a twin room, I can only reflect my experience regarding this room. In addition, it was tried, the compact rooms, which I think are more suitable for singles or couples, particularly functional to furnish. There was not really room in the room. However, I did not mind that fact at all, since I was traveling all day anyway.

However, there were a few points that I did not like so much:

  • The bathroom was separated with a frosted glass door to the rest of the room. In addition, this door did not seal properly, because there was a thick gap around the door, in which one could possibly also look inside. If you found yourself in the bathroom, so could possibly see the fellow traveler one. Furthermore, you could hear every little noise you made in the bathroom in the rest of the room. I think at this point everyone can imagine that this was not particularly sparkling in terms of privacy.
  • As I was about to blow-dry my hair, I realized with astonishment that there was no outlet in the small bathroom at all. I wondered how to blow-dry my hair. With the help of my iPad as a mirror and the small desk in the rest of the room, I ended up drying my hair. Of course this was a bit awkward!
  • When I was in the evening in the room, I often found that it was a bit drafty or cool. Whether this was really only due to the air conditioning and a wrong temperature setting I can honestly not quite say. However, I noticed that even if the air conditioning and the ventilation was completely off, there was still a small train, as the beds were right next to the windows.
  • Unfortunately, there was no fridge and no TV in the room. This was probably the missing space. Of course you visit London first and foremost to be on the road and to look at the city. However, I find it quite cool, if you can finish in bed or in the morning at night, a little “foreign television” can turn on and you can see what is broadcast in other countries so. The fact that no fridge was available I found for 3 days not particularly bad. However, if I stayed for a week, it might have annoyed me more, as I simply would not have known where to cool my purchased groceries.Things that I liked:
  • What I thought was cool was the fact that there was a small “smartphone tablet” in the room that could either call the staff or order a few things.
  • An attempt was made to get as much out of a small room as possible.
  • I thought it was nice to have a kettle with tea or coffee. So you could independently prepare a hot drink.


Bad Good Hotel London

Conclusion – Good Hotel –

If you would like to visit London over the extended weekend or for a few days and will be out and about the whole day anyway, the Good Hotel is the perfect place for you. If you do not value luxury and comfort, and you’re more adventurous, exciting and modern, then you’re probably in good hands at the Good Hotel. The main target group of the hotel in my opinion rather with young people who do not have so much money available and want to experience something. Families, couples or people who want a comfortable standard and plenty of space should choose a different hotel. For a quick trip to London for a party, sightseeing or shopping, the Good Hotel is the place to go.

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