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Monday, 25th March, 2019
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Creatine – Supplement for bodybuilding and the defined man

Creatine is one of the most important and widely used supplements in the bodybuilding field. Often it is said that the muscles would grow better and faster, that you get more pumping and that the regeneration runs faster. What’s really behind all the claims and whether creatine really is an effective supplement is explained in this article. Post photo source: Photo by Sharon Garcia on Unsplash

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Top 3 exercises for the chest – fitness for men

Top 3 exercises for the chest – fitness for men

Those who like to go to the fitness studio, exercise regularly and often deal with the topics of health will probably also find a body defined by sport and healthy nutrition attractive. The most attractive feature of a man’s body is his chest. However, since the breast can be formed and strengthened through a variety of exercises, it is not always so easy to find the best exercises that form the breast all around and thus make it look good. In order to remedy this problem, I will list the 3 most effective fitness exercises for a well-formed man’s chest in this article.

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männer lifestyle blog - paradise beach tulum mexiko

(Deutsch) Paradise Beach – Tulum in Mexiko

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Paradise Beach in Tulum | Mexiko

Paradise Beach in Mexico is probably the most beautiful beach I have seen in my life so far. White sand, blue water, small fish, blue sky and endless palms. Just heavenly! How I got there and what I can recommend to you on your trip, you will find out here.

Playa Paraiso Tulum in Mexico – Your paradise on earth

The location

Paradise Beach or, as it is known in the original language, “Playa paraiso” is approximately 700 meters from the famous Mayan sites of Tulum. On the beach itself is a small restaurant with bar. For hunger and thirst is therefore well taken care of. Standing in front of the entrance, turn right and follow the road for about 800 meters. On the left side you finally find the beautiful beach with the inscription “Playa Paraiso”.

Männer Blog Lifestyle Travel Paradise Beach Tulum Mexiko


The comfort of Paradise Beach in Tulum

As Paradise Beach in Tulum is a public beach, of course you have to expect that you will not be alone there. Of course, there are some other tourists who want to enjoy the great view. However, when I was there, not much was going on there. There were no large crowds to find and you had enough space and space to enjoy the day there.

Since Playa del Carmen basically lives on tourism, it must be expected that even at this beach everything costs a little money. If, for example, you want a sunbed with umbrella, you have to pay for it, of course. Even the bathroom must be paid, which I found a bit over the top. But if you buy something to eat in the adjoining restaurant or a cold beer, you can use a beach chair for free (changes reserved, of course).

Männer Blog Lifestyle Travel Paradise Beach Tulum Mexiko

The trip

I booked the trip to the Playa paraiso in a complete package “Tulum”. Included in this package was a trip to a cenote, the visit of the Mayan ruins and the Paradise Beach.

Männer Blog Lifestyle Travel Paradise Beach Tulum Mexiko

Männer Blog Lifestyle Travel Paradise Beach Tulum Mexiko

My advice

If you are interested in a trip, do not book this trip in the hotel but in the city in a shop. In general, the trips in the hotel are always more expensive, as the hotels have to pay taxes. In addition, one usually has no room for negotiation in the hotel. In the shop or in the public, on the other hand, you can negotiate the price very well and thus save a lot of money.


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Destroyed Look Outfit Männer Mann Blog Lifestyle

#2 The perfect outfit for men – Destroyed look

The destroyed look for modern men

You can now find this look everywhere and on every blog. At the big designers, in all fashion shops as well as in all sorts of fashion events. But what does “Destroyed” mean and what should modern men pay attention to? How does the man of today get the destroyed look with the least possible effort? All this I clarify here on my blog.

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Den richtigen Männer Blog zu finden ist oft gar nicht so einfach. Zu viele Blogs gibt es mittlerweile im Web. Dabei werden Männer jedoch oft vernachlässigt. Männer tun sich oft schwer, das richtige Outfit und die richtigen Pflegeprodukte zu finden. Diesen Problemen habe ich mich mit diesem Herren Lifestyle Blog gestellt, um Inspirationen in verschiedenen Bereichen zu bieten. In diesem Herren Online-Magazin findest du interessante Artikel zu den Bereichen Fashion, Lifestyle, Reisen und Herrenpflege. Dabei kommen Themen wie “Bartpflege für den Mann”, “Technik für den Mann” oder “Das richtige Parfum für den Herren” nicht zu kurz. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß auf meinem Blog und würde mich freuen, wenn du einen Kommentar hinterlässt – Dein Ben 

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