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Thursday, 21st February, 2019

Shave-Lab Test: Herren und Damenrasierer zum Discountpreis

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Die richtige Gesichtspflege für den Mann – Teil 2

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Die richtige Gesichtspflege für den Mann

Facial care … the skin of the man

A few days ago I looked in the mirror. I have washed my hair and was about to blow, and they begin to style. I quickly realized that I was totally overwhelmed and my hair did what they wanted …. just not that … what I wanted. I began to curse to howl, trying eventually to make the best of it (which ultimately not completely satisfy me -.-). When I sent a picture of my hair disaster to my best mate, which looked really stupid, I noticed that my skin had sometimes seen fresher days. Livid, lifeless complexion extended over the entire screen of the phone. I was slightly shocked. After I realized that I could easily pass as a zombie in “The Walking Dead”, I decided to look a bit more (and more!) after my facial skin in the future.

But what should you look for in a good facial care in men? Which remedies and actions could help the signs of the times to hide a little? What to do with pimples and redness? Well, ….. Questions upon questions, which do not leave me alone, and which I shall now consider one by one.

WOB has demand

The man’s skin is completely different from a woman’s skin. Men’s skin is much thicker than that of women (about 20 percent) and therefore more resistant. It contains more collagen and elastin, which can be saved to the moisture leads longer. Since the sebaceous glands of man are much more active, they also produce more nutrient for pimples and blackheads. Often the complexion appears in men by increasing the activity of the sebaceous glands of oily and coarse-pored. However, it is a little suspect that the aging in men starts earlier, despite more collagen and elastin, and increased activity of the sebaceous glands occurs.

If you ask me ….. unfair!

Because the skin of the man, therefore, in many respects from that of the woman is different, it is clear that this also requires a completely different facial care. Already alone because the Lord of creation has to shave regularly. In the following sequels, I’ll gradually a few tips ready questions and try to uncover a few hidden gems.

 be individual be unique … and look forward to part 2

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Den richtigen Männer Blog zu finden ist oft gar nicht so einfach. Zu viele Blogs gibt es mittlerweile im Web. Dabei werden Männer jedoch oft vernachlässigt. Männer tun sich oft schwer, das richtige Outfit und die richtigen Pflegeprodukte zu finden. Diesen Problemen habe ich mich mit diesem Herren Lifestyle Blog gestellt, um Inspirationen in verschiedenen Bereichen zu bieten. In diesem Herren Online-Magazin findest du interessante Artikel zu den Bereichen Fashion, Lifestyle, Reisen und Herrenpflege. Dabei kommen Themen wie “Bartpflege für den Mann”, “Technik für den Mann” oder “Das richtige Parfum für den Herren” nicht zu kurz. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß auf meinem Blog und würde mich freuen, wenn du einen Kommentar hinterlässt – Dein Ben 

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