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Sonos One Test

Wednesday May 30th, 2018
Sonos One Lautsprecher Test
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Sonos One Test

As is well known, Sonos, like Bose, offers an absolutely good sound in the field of streaming WiFi speakers. The first generation of the Sonos Play 1 speaker has already received positive reviews throughout. Now Sonos has launched the latest generation and changed the name to Sonos One. What the speaker can do and how good it is you will learn in this report.

Sonos One – Design and Sound –

Since the most important characteristics of a Streaming WiFi speaker are the sound and the design, I would like to start with these topics. I think this should also be of interest to most readers, as this is what makes the Sonos One so special.


Of course, a streaming WiFi speaker must fit into the room setup. A colourful loudspeaker would probably look a little strange in a simple interior. As far as this problem is concerned, however, the Sonos One can absolutely keep up. Where the Sonos Play 1 still had real buttons on the top of the Streaming WiFi speaker, there are now touch based “buttons”, which in my opinion seems very contemporary and modern. If the speaker is positioned quite high up, or at a point where you need to feel the keys, then this should of course be a bit difficult with the Sonos One. However, very few users really have such a speaker in such a place. If it is, … take a look at the predecessor first, the Sonos Play 1.

The colours black and white are available. Some might say that this is a somewhat small selection of colours. I have to agree with that, of course. However, these two colours fit into almost any room. As far as the shape of the loudspeaker is concerned, I have to say briefly: “Square, practical, good”… what more do you want?

Sonos One Lautsprecher Test


If you compare other streaming WiFi speakers, you will soon find that the Sonos One is one of the best. No other speaker (except possibly Bose or the new Apple HomePod, although I could not test it) can exceed this sound quality. The Sonos One offers a rich and powerful sound with good highs and lows and even a good bass. Even at a higher volume (and yes, you can definitely hear music loud and very well), the speaker offers great music enjoyment with dance potential within your own four walls.

Sonos One – Functionality

As is well known, today’s loudspeakers offer a lot of functions. You can find out what these are in Sonos One in the following section.

Sonos One connectivity

Spotify, Apple Music, TuneIn… actually, no wishes remain unfulfilled for a good and networked musical pleasure. Since the speaker is connected to the WiFi network or WLan, this pleasure is not disturbed by any delays or interruptions.

Alexa at Sonos One

However, a special function makes this loudspeaker particularly interesting. The language assistant Alexa. Some may already have noticed it, some rather less… Alexa is currently the smartest language assistant next to Google Assistant. No other brand (except Ultimate Ears) offers the Language Assistant integrated in a speaker (except of course Amazon itself, although the sound quality of these speakers is not comparable to Sonos). The Alexa function works very well on the speaker as I expected. No matter what you ask, Alexa answers and executes most functions smoothly. Only sending calls and messages between different Alexa models does not work yet. I think, however, that this is only a matter of time before this is introduced.


A good sound, good design and excellent connectivity in conjunction with the Alexa Language Assistant. What more could you ask for? Those who want a modern speaker with these functions are definitely in good hands with the Sonos One. But if you only want a speaker with excellent sound and good connectivity (but without Alexa), you should take a look at its predecessor (Sonos Play 1), as it is also highly recommended.



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